Drum notation: rests moving when copying/pasting measures

• May 28, 2011 - 10:46
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S4 - Minor

I have a score containing a drumset part (using drumset three lines). There, I have a measure with (for example) some bass drum and snare notes and also rests in both voices. To distinguish the rests, I dragged those for the bass drum to the lower line. When I copy this measure and paste it to an empty one, all my rests for the bass drum (NOT those for snare!) move down one line (an auxiliary line is created below the three drumset lines).

To illustrate this, I attached the score I'm currently working at (in a new clean score, which I just created for testing, the problem does not occur...). Just copy measure 40 and paste it into 41, you'll then (hopefully) see the problem.

Musescore 1.0, Ubuntu 11.04

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edit: I just realized that the last rest of the measure belongs to the snare part and therefore has to be at the central line, but this doesn't affect the problem ;-)

Putting it in my /home and executing leads to "error while loading shared libraries: libportaudio.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". This makes no sense to me - shouldn't the nightly have the same dependencies and check the same $PATH as the release version??