Regression—pressing [Esc] in General Style dialog applies all changes instead of cancelling

• May 8, 2016 - 15:38
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Go to Style > General…, change any parameters, then press [Esc].

Expected result: changes are cancelled.

Actual result: changes are applied.


This is not major and I'm not even sure it's a bug.
I would argue that Esc is mapped with close and if you close the dialog then the changes are applied indeed. It's the same for example on macosx in all the system settings.

on Windows Att+F4 closes a Window, not Esc, Esc should leave it, not applying any changes
Esc -> escape -> mergency Exit, not a reqular close window

Mac System Preferences doesn't have Cancel/OK buttons, but at any rate [Esc] does nothing. The shortcut to close the window is [Cmd]+[W] (which incidentally I'd like to see work with more MuseScore dialogs).

Different OS's, different window managers have different conventions, so unfortunately what looks like a feature to one person looks like a bug to another with respect to how the controls in a dialog work.

*If* we continue to haver auto-apply (I personally don't like it, but understand others do), then the Mac standard is that Cancel revert these, but the Unix standard (for the window managers I have used most, anyhow) has generally been that Cancel *preserves* already-applied changes. I don't see a specific recommendation for Windows, but my impression is that it normally works liek the Unix window managers I am familiar with. Note I say Unix not Linux because the behaviors I am talking about have been standard in Unix window managers since long before Linux was a thing.

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on Windows Att+F4 closes a Window, not Esc, Esc should leave it, not applying any changes
Esc -> escape -> mergency Exit, not a reqular close window

In this case, the changes are already applied. I never heard about emergency exit on windows. Esc can mean close or cancel depending of the context.

On mac, Esc will close the system preferences if you go back to the system preference panel and press Esc. I agree it's not a good example because it has several dialog in one. But I'm sure we can find other examples. [Cmd]+[W] would quit without canceling anything btw.

In any case... I'm happy to discuss different label for the buttons in this dialog (and other dialogs that will work the same in the future) and better handling of esc, Alt+F4 and Cmd+W (this could help) but certainly not in a *major* *regression* issue. I close this issue.

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And I just saw that the discussion is going on here, I was not fast enough... since our post crossed... So we will have a broken place to talk about this issue... but let's continue

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This topic is more for the forum than for the issue tracker :)
From the Microsoft guide, if a dialog doesn't have "Apply"-"Cancel" pair and applies changes on fly, Esc should never revert the changes.