Add simultaneous hit to Marching Bassdrum instrument

• Jun 6, 2016 - 12:12
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Requested in this forum thread....


Know which MIDI notes you plan to assign these sounds to? That way I can add them to my improvements to instruments.xml without having to change the assignment later.

Not done yet - too much going on in RL!

I am taking a much needed break this week, but will be back in action in the New Year, when, unless the phone rings, there will be a little space for things MuseScore.

Do you know which MIDI pitches you'd like to assign the new sounds to? That's all I need so I can get my PR finished.

Status (old) active fixed

FluidR3Mono_GM Version 2.313 which remaps Marching Bass Samples to fit on a 61 note keyboard and includes Simultaneous Hit is now up at Google Drive........

The new key mappings are in the attached DRM file.

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MarchingBassKeyMap.drm 1.63 KB
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Well, there is no better status. The upfated SoundFont and the drm file is on ChurchOrganist's Google Drive