Show subtitles on all pages of New Score Wizard

• Jun 13, 2016 - 14:31
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The first page in the New Score Wizard wizard has no subtitle. Could the first page be given a subtitle such as "Score information" or something similar?

And could we put the subtitle "Choose instruments" on the window currently subtitled "Define a set of instruments …". This would help to differentiate this window form the "Instruments" window opened from the score.


"This wizard creates a new score" is explanatory text for the whole wizard, not specifically for this entry page. If you look at subsequent pages, they all effectively have subtitles. Viz:

Select template file
Select key signature and tempo
Create time signature

So, the entry page needs to have a short subtitle to maintain the consistency: "Score information" or something similar …

As said, "This wizard creates a new score" is a subtitle, in the same way as "Select template file" etc is, i.e. they all get set using the setSubTitle() method. So extending that one subtitle might be the way to go, like this:
And the other Dialog might look like ths:
2017-01-02 (1).png

Maybe better to use "Select" rather then "Choose", similar for the "Create" in "Create Time Signature", as actually we don't create a time sig there, not on the same sense as via the master Palette.
BTW: should (these) subtitles be in "Title Case" or in "Sentence case"? I tend to the latter

Guilty, Your Honor! Took it because it fitted into some other work I was doing. And I didn't know you were working on this, if you want to continue, just assign this issue to yourself and I'll retract the 2 commits to my PRs.

"Select" instead of "Choose", because the other dialog pages use "Select" too. And yes, that other text might be redundant.

Can I suggest omitting the phrase "This wizard creates a new score" and substituting the page title instead, "Enter score information".

This is to maintain consistency of labelling between the various pages of the new score wizard, namely:

"Create New Score"
Page title.

@geetar Agreed—that's what I meant about the redundancy. @Jojo If I do it, that will mean copying only the text changes to a new branch, because I doubt I can get the other changes working. I do have a slight preference for my wording tweaks (which included the title of the dialog), but now they're out there for you to look at and compare, you go ahead with whatever you think best.

Title I cannot open new score wizard. Show subtitles on all pages of New Score Wizard

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