Double-click on text of text line to edit text

• Jul 11, 2016 - 02:19
S5 - Suggestion

Currently, line elements with custom text, such as voltas, can only have that text modified via right-click/line-properties. This is inconsistent with how other text is maintained, which can simply be double-clicked to edit in place. Voltas don't pose a problem, but other line types such as position indicators and performance cues have widely-ranging long text labels. The reason only line properties is available for this is, presumably, because double-clicking a line element enters 'edit mode' on that element, for manipulation of the line's graphic features. Double-click while in edit mode has no defined behavior. However, it seems feasible (from a user-interface standpoint at least) for edit-mode to intercept a double-click, exit edit mode, and switch to text editing. The text edit interface should have the same behavior as with other text elements. When exiting this text editing mode, control should return to the normal UI, rather than a nested return to line edit mode. Although from a usage standpoint this change seems straightforward and desirable, implementation may be impractical; if so, please close the request.


Would it not be just as good to move the current "Line Properties" dialog into the Inspector? I've been thinking of requesting that we finish the move to the Inspector that began before MuseScore 2 but was never completed.

Perhaps the simplest approach would be to enter text-edit mode (including the wysiwyg text editor) when the text of the line-element is double-clicked, and enter line-edit mode (i.e.: show the line's edit handles) when the line itself is double-clicked. This might take a bit of getting used to, but it preserves the existing logic of the UI and there are other instances of element groups which require/accept separate clicks (noteheads, stems, flags, etc.).

Recorder485: I agree that entering text-edit directly if the text is clicked would be the most logical. I was guessing that would be considerably harder to do, but perhaps not. I don't think it would take getting used to, since it would provide the same basic user interface logic used elsewhere. The current arrangement is inconsistent and still fools me even though I know "that" text isn't directly editable.

Isaac Weiss: I don't think it would be just as good, since I think all text should be double-click editable (and in fact everything should do something logical when double-clicked), but I agree that the line properties should be in the inspector -- as should pretty much anything that is clickable. However if it were significantly easier to provide only the inspector interface, that would at least make things much easier than today's multi-click arrangement.

Title When in edit mode on a line with text, use double-click to enter text-edit mode Double-click on text of text line to edit text

Let's make it this, then, and I'll file the Properties-to-Inspector request separately.

To be clear, by "Let's make it this," I meant "Let's refine this feature request" (something within my power)—and not "Let's improve MuseScore this way" (which I can't do myself). Just want to make sure your thanks aren't misdirected.

Going directly to text edit mode on double-click (when the element itself is already in edit mode) would probably be difficult to implement. However, making it so double-click simply popped up the Line Properties dialog would probably be very simple...

Isaac: Regarding your change to the request, yes, I understood that. But you have much more insight into what is practical and desirable, so I was grateful that you refined the request.

Marc: Do you mean doing this if double-click is done on the text element? Presumably today's visual edit mode (to adjust endpoints etc.) would remain in force if double-clicking on the line feature itself. But I agree with Isaac that the Inspector would probably be a more natural way to get to this data.

All: I can see that this was not as crisp a feature as I thought. Should we close it and move it to the forum for further discussion, then create a new feature request when it's clear?

Status (old) active needs info

Forum discussion is always good. Instead of actually closing this, though, I'll just mark it "needs info", then after forum discussion, we can update this.

Status needs info active
Type Graphical (UI) Functional
Reported version 3.0  
Frequency Few
Regression No
Workaround Yes

I agree with this suggestion.