display bug with accidental and multiple voices

• Aug 8, 2011 - 17:13
S4 - Minor

System :
- musescore version 1.1 build 4611 & windows XP/vista

Hox to reproduce the bug :
1- create a new sheet, using C-Maj scale, and piano
2- on bass clef, select voice 1, and create successive sharp half-notes : F#3, A#3 and C#4 as an exemple
3- select now the voice no 2, and create a F#2 black note (see attached picture)
4- now, select the last note (F#2) and use ctrl+up to move it to upper octave : the "#" disappears !!! (1st part of the bug)
Then, if you try ctrl+down, the "#" is shown again on the green F#2, but not for the blue one (F#3) on 1st voice (2nd part of the bug).

The notes are played as # notes, so that seem to be only a display bug, confirmed by using up/down arrows to move note half-tone up or down.

NB :
- I chose the bass clef, but using the trebble clef produces the same result.
- using flat notes instead of sharp one also produces the same result

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Another detail: the disappearing accidental in step 4 only occurs when the voice 2 note has longer duration than the voice 1 note. When the voice 2 note has equal or shorter duration, then the accidental does not disappear when the two notes share the same staff location.

reproduced in nightly f3e7de1 on W7

some more variations on the "2nd part of the bug":

- if the voice1/voice2 notes have the same duration, then the accidental disappears form the voice1 note when the voice2 note is moved one octave (ctl-up or ctrl-down)

- if the voice2 note is same duration or shorter, then the accidental disappears from the voice2 note when it is moved one octave up or down

- when the voice2 note is moved to be 2 or more octaves away (i.e. ctl-up or ctl-down again), then the accidentals are displayed correctly on both notes

Status (old) active needs info

#2 seems fixed. I'm not convinced #1 is a bug. Surprisingly I don't see a clear statement in Gould, but if both notes can share the same accidental, it seems they should.