[R4717] Crash when page fills

• Sep 5, 2011 - 16:06
S2 - Critical

Sorry if the title is not clear, I am not sure if there is a specific term used. Hopefully this is not a duplicate but not knowing the best term to use could also have prevented me finding information already available.

The auto-formatting I am referring to is the automatic adjustment of the number of measures on a line to preserve note spacing.

I am experiencing a consistent crash when I try to add notes to a partially completed measure whether I use entry mode or attempt to paste notes copied from elsewhere. This problem only occurs at a point where it seems that to preserve spacing, the addition of the extra note(s) causes musescore to move the measure onto the next line, but the conclusion that this is the cause is only an assumption.

Mac OS 10.6.8


It seems that the crash only happens if the measure being moved to the next line has a knock-on effect on the spacing of subsequent measures which would result in a new page needing to be created. Removing 'empty' measures from further down the page prevents the crash.

Title [R4717] Crash during layout auto formatting [R4717] Crash when page fills

More investigation shows that the crash occurs whenever a new page is needed including inserting a page break into a non-page-final measure so I have changed the issue title.

Also crashes if you attempt to create a new score from scratch with greater number of measures than will fit on a single page.

Probably easily reproduced but just in case here is one possible set of steps:

1. create a new score with a single instrument, single staff, common time and 99 measures (this fills a page of A4)
2. enter 8 quavers in the first measure (which takes the page to its apparent maximum capacity)
3. enter quavers in the second measure. With default A4 paper and margins musescore crashes here.

Regarding #3, I think if you also have a score open that's more than two pages, it'll crash.

Oddly though, it doesn't crash opening a 23 page score (it does when I close it though - maybe related to corruption though). I also created an empty score with 2000 bars (equated to 20 pages) - no crash doing that, or closing it, although all the pages in the navigator are still there.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4715) - Mac 10.6.8.

Thanks. I'm not sure if you are aware but It appears to be fixed in R4747 (this nightly build appeared a short while ago)