Tablature: Problem entering voice 2 from keyboard when there are shared fretmarks

• Sep 18, 2016 - 15:43
Reported version
S4 - Minor

2.0.3 / Win 7/10

See attached score. Enter the voice 2 notes in bar 5 so that it looks like measure 1, below. Use the keyboard rather than the mouse.


Everything is ok until you try to navigate forward (using keyboard arrows) from the shared fretmark (6th string), at which point the voice reverts to voice 1 (rather than staying in voice 2). This only happens at shared fretmarks.

P.S: When you navigate to fret 3, string 6, just before entering the voice 2 note, the status bar shows voice 1 even though the cursor shading is still green voice 2.

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2-voice_tab.mscz 6.2 KB


One stone two birds: ie remove the red squares of shared fret marks, and to be able to navigate normally using keyboard arrows in voice 2, do:

Staff properties -> Edit String Data -> New string -> Add a 7th string, the "twin" of the 6th string, ie, E2 pitch -> Ok
And so all works fine. See the modified file by this way: 3-voice_tab.mscz