Cannot create score with no bars

• Sep 14, 2011 - 14:03
S4 - Minor

1. Create New Score.
2. When you each the last step, enter 0 bars.
3. Click in another box, or Finish.

Result: 0 is replaced with 1 bar.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (4786) - Mac 10.6.8.


Not a cover page, more like a template - should someone wish to add things such as text/chords (either in this program, another, or to print it out and write by hand).

Of course, there's no reason you couldn't just delete the bars that get created, so it strikes me as no big deal if the wizard doesn't create a zero-bar score for you. On the other hand, there's also no downside to allowing it that I can see.

Interesting! I didn't know you could delete the last remaining bar and end up with a mostly blank score. Since this is allowed, I don't see why 0 bars can't be allowed, although I doubt I would ever use this "feature".

Since MS lets you create a single-bar score, and also lets you delete that single bar, I thought I would play with this for a while.

1. You can delete this measure, but when you try to add a new measure, sometimes you get two treble clefs.
2. No time signature, but the correct key

So there are issues with this.

Right...take liturgical chant notation for time signature and often no bar lines...Musescore won't let you do that...who do we write to for this needed feature?

Title [Trunk] Cannot create score with no bars Cannot create score with no bars

I think the 'Show Time Signature' tick-box would address this? It will be available in the forthcoming version, 2.0.

Using the "Show Time Signature" tick box doesn't address this properly though.

Although the time signature is not displayed, the space for it in the score remains.

We could get round that by simply deleting the first bar, but since the acb609 release that no longer works.

This means that unmetrical scores currently have unwanted space at the beginning which looks unsightly, as we can no longer delete the time signature this way.

This video demonstrates this:-

Note that the time signature is merely hidden, and the space where it was remains at the end. This is not how an unmetrical score should look!

I'd say so. If you want the space allocated, wouldn't you just usea time asignature but mark it invisible? Seems the whole point of the new checkbox would be to not allocate the space at all; otherwise, it provides no added value.

As a liturgical user...I would ideally like to avoid secondary fixes like making things invisible or hiding them. I want to avoid the program thinking about my score in any metered terms. There should be a full fledged option to create an "open" staff with no linkages to time signatures and imposed bar lines. Chant notation often requires long value reciting notes followed by termination phrases of varying lengths. These can only be scored freely if the software stops looking for note vaule clusters related to measures it expects to see.

Can someone please write the code for this kind of option and put it into the next release?

Just watched your video...interesting solution...if only the way you create a 30/8 Time Sig to give you lots of chant note space....I am still going to press the developers to creat a Time sig. free "open" format staff for just this kind of thing.

Status (old) active fixed

I think the original issue is fixed in commit 770b64b

I was able to create a score with one bar

Delete that bar, then save and reopen a completely blank score.