Legato slurs are not changable

• Oct 2, 2016 - 12:37
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S4 - Minor

1 - Legato slurs are not changable - they remain on old place after safe and recall
2 - Cannot delete any bars with CRTL + DEL key

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As to your 2nd issue: Ctrl+Del works just fine here, but you may need to revert to factory settings, ir fix the shortcut, the name of the underlying function has changed recently, so the shortcut from an older version won't work anymore

Title Found 2 bugs in 3.0 nightly Legato slurs are not changable

And I'm not sure I understand the 1st issue, you mean a user modified Position of slurs is not saved? If so: I can't reproduce

1 - Position / direction of user modified slurs should be safed - but they are not.
This bug remains - as reproduced by Jojo.

2 - Delete of bars works fine after revert to factorysettings.

I use nightly 70b00e6 and Win 8.1
New behaviour after change positions and recall
-> Slurs leave their defined position
and appear on strange positions with different length !

Status (old) active needs info

Until you post a sample score and precise step by step instructions that allow someone else to reproduce the problem, please leave the status as "needs info".

. . . sorry for my missunderstanding
but I posted already an example for reproduction above.
After setting 2 slurs in a grand piano staff (with crossbeams) they appear always on bad positions.
To make the slurs readable I tried manually to correct their positions - like new .png file.
Don´t know how to safe in that way.

(Unfortunatelly some fontsizes are too big there - but this this seems to be another problem.)

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Status (old) needs info active

It seems that depending on exactly which slur you edit and exactly how you edit, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The first things I tried with your file worked fine, but eventually I found things that don't.

Here's a way to reproduce the problem from scratch:

1) My First Score
2) Enter four quarter notes in the first measure C D E F
3) Connect them with a slur
4) Select the slur, press "X" to move the slur below the staff
5) save
6) close
7) reload

Result: the slur returns to the original position

I think there are 2 facts mixed in my original example

1 - cross beaming / staff crossing in a piano grand staff
2 - maual adjustment of slurs (position or direction)

To 1
The result of automatic placement depends how the interchanged beams are typed in
-> directly in both staffs or -> crossed after (with Crtl+Shift)
It's likely unpossible to hit slurs proper and automaticly in that complex cases without
manuel adjustments.

To 2
All manual slur replacements or change of direction are ignored after reload
- even if the button for automatic replacement is disabled. (Only linetypes are safed.)
Sometimes the slurs leave their position completely an appear on strange places after reload.

I hope to describe my studies exactly for a code repair.