manually set tie and slur direction from 2.0 get lost in 3.0

• Sep 29, 2016 - 10:50
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S4 - Minor

In a 2.0 score, where a tie or slur direction has been changed away from 'Auto' (i.e. to 'Up' or 'Down'), these slurs/ties get read as Auto' in 3.0, a5a97ff, Windows 7


and there most likely it is the 2nd change to libmscore/slur.cpp. The old code is probably a good candidate for being moved to libmscore/read206.cpp

This bug still is in 5248e08.
It is not only a problem of loading, but it seems as if changed positions are not saved at all.
At least they have gone after saving and re-loading.

1. Make a new score with one line.
2. Input the notes c + d
3. Add a slur
4. Mark it and change the position with "x"
5. Save
6. Reload: The change is gone.

Status (old) active fixed
Status active fixed
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Cannot reproduce. I add a slur, change the direction, save the file, close the file, open the file.
Result: the slur has the defined direction.

screencast 2018-04-11 12-11-55.gif

Status (old) fixed needs info
Status fixed needs info

That is a different issue, which might be related. I'm currently not set to test with a muild from master, but here's a 2.2.1 score with user set ties and slurs (both set to below), do they stay there in master?

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