"Out of range"

• Oct 16, 2016 - 06:38
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S4 - Minor

i have noticed when i place a low B down for the flute it is yellow. the yellow indicates out of range, but this is not out of range, it is the lowest note playable. and same with trumpet, i place a High B down and it is yellow when i know trumpets can play a High C (open). could the ranges be fixed for the instruments please? thank you


Best to use the forum and necessary to attach your score.

BTW, it's due to the usable pitch range (eg for flute). You can edit this: right-click on a measure -> Staff properties -> click on the button (framed on the image below) to change the pitch to B3.
Or, more simply: Edit -> Preferences -> Note input -> Untick "Color notes outside of usable pitch range"

For the record, C is the lowest note on some flutes; others have the low B available. So in this case it isn't about skill level, it's about the instrument. Still, the warning is appropriate to let you know some people won't be able to play that note.

For trumpet, it is about skill. Playing higher requires more skill. Many amateur trumpet players will struggle with that high B. Most professionals can make that and a little higher - say up to D. Some high note specialist can go an octave or more higher than that.