Multi-Measure Rests and Measure Repeats display below the staff on single-line staffs

• Oct 18, 2016 - 12:21
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image on 3.0 dev 7f9585a:

image on 2.0.3 release:

Notice that in both versions the repeat measure symbol is displayed below the staff. The multi-measure rest somehow got offset incorrectly in 3.0.0.

Note that the definition of Staff::height() changed on Jun 19, 2014 with 7e4c70a such that a single line staff changed from 0 to having the same height as a two-line staff. It doesn't look like the 3.0 code for mm-rest and measure repeat is aware of this definition. Anyway, as I was implementing #10220: Add a two and four measure (multi-measure) repeat sign with playback I had already fixed this issue for single measure repeat, but I guess I will add the the PR the code for MMRests as well.



The measure-repeat type is used for both single and multiple measure repeats. The text of the element indicates the number of measures to be repeated in a single pattern. Both the start and the stop of the measure-repeat must be specified. The text of the element is ignored when the type is stop. The measure-repeat element specifies a notation style for repetitions. The actual music being repeated needs to be repeated within the MusicXML file. This element specifies the notation that indicates the repeat.

yes, that is the quote from the specs that is holding my pr back. It is a bit vague. I interpreted it to mean that I had to duplicate the elements that are repeated into the multi-measure repeat measures. I did that by refactoring the MusicXML output code such that it looked back at previous measures to copy the elements. But maybe that message isn't actually saying need to duplicate the elements. Maybe it just means that the elements have to be included once in the MusicXML their original measure.

Also unfortunately I don't have any authoritative MusicXML files with multi-measure repeats to compare against and for accurate test files.

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PR had been closed ages ago

BTW: the issue against / question for the MusicXML folks has been closed / answered / fixed too