Regression: New Score Wizard dialog is tiny

• Nov 18, 2016 - 04:40
Reported version
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

6a0fb3f, factory settings:
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Isaac: to me having 5 scores in a row makes the wizard just a little bit too stretched on the other steps.
Having 4 scores seems to be a nice inbetween fit for me. Any thoughts/preferences?

From usage statistics by lasconic: about 50% of our users have a screen resolution of 1366x768 or 1920x1080.
another 30% have one of the following: 1280x800, 1440x900, 1600x900

Making 1280x768 the smallest viewport in which MuseScore is used most of the time. The height of the window will be around 620-625 so that's OK.
Width for 4 scores next to each other is around 1068, for 5 scores we end up at around 1215.

One can argue that a user has nothing else to do when creating a new score, so having a width of 5 is doable.
However it only saves one line for the Choral Section and leaves lines with a single score for 'Chamber Music' and 'Band and Percussion' templates at default installation. And the stretching of the other wizard pages remains.

My preference would be to have a width of 4 by default. We now save your preferred with anyway, so if you want 5, you'll only have to do it once :)

Hmm, interesting. My monitor is 1280x800, but that's wide enough to fit eight thumbnails in the template selector (if I maximize the window). Also I don't see the New Score Wizard saving the window size.

I think 2.0.3 doesn't (re)store (all) the window sizes, but 3.0 should and jeetee plans on making this happen for 2.1 too.
Or are you saying the 3.0 isn't doing this for you?

Sorry, I was in a self-built version that was misbehaving for some reason. The point about the size relative to my monitor remains, though.

Went with 5 scores width, matching the current size of 2.0.3 as the new default.

About the sizes: I previously mentioned the bottom-right corner coordinate instead of the width. Inner window width for 5 scores is 840, resulting in a window width of 856 (on Win7).

See my comments in PR. I am pretty sure you need to account for screen resolution here, probably also while calculating the sizes of the thumbnails themselves.