How to delete bars

• Dec 25, 2011 - 04:17
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I started a score with too many bars. I have had very difficult time to find out how to delete them. I searched in the user interface as well as in the online documentation, but found nothing.

I tried selecting the bars and 'cut' them, but nothing happened.

I tried selecting the bars and right clicking and 'delete', but nothing happened.

If there is a way to delete extra bars, it is well hidden and not documented. There should be a menu entry to delete a whole bar and make it disappear altogether. Also, the function of the above two operations ("cut" and "delete") should be made more obvious in the user interface.

I came across a forum thread with a user experiencing the very same problem. Someone replied to use CTRL + delete. It worked. However, the above points still remain valid. It shouldn't be so difficult to figure out how to perform a simple operation...

Thank you for a great software which I recently discovered with great pleasure :)

Using musescore 1.0, kubuntu package.


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Yes indeed Jojo. But almost impossible to find anywhere in the handbook, without your helpful reference. The handbook suffers from its lack of a decent search facility.

If I've missed such a gem, perhaps you would point me to it!


Title How to delete bars @facebookbenma1 thank you for the helpful advice
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Thank you for the helpful advice