Odd crash when saving chord line

• Nov 25, 2016 - 17:41
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S2 - Critical

I'm using latest version of Musescore 3.0.

So I put a 'Slide in below' on a note and adjusted it, then when I tried to save, 3.0 crashed. I tested this with the other things of similarity to see if there was a constant result. Turns out, putting a slide, scoop, fall, etc. on a note is fine, you can even save without a problem. The problem is that if you try to adjust any of those and then save after that, the game crashes. This only happens with the following items: Fall, Doit, Plop, Scoop, Slide out down, Slide out up, Slide in above, and Slide in below.


Sure thing, I have attached the score below.

Go to the last page, and you will see a fairly high note on the Trumpet 1 line with a 'Slide in below' on it. Just double click it and adjust its length, then if you try to save, the crash will happen. Again, it can also be done with the other items that I mentioned above, you just have to double click it, then adjust it, then try to save.

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You're right, the file doesn't work, maybe if you download it via 'Save link as'? I'm actually not sure why the attachment isn't working, it opens up fine when I put it into Musescore 3.

Edit: To Marc Sabatella

There is no latest version of MuseScore 3.0, these are nightly builds. Please mention the exact commit number in your bug report or directly in a nightly use Help > Report a bug.