Section break pause is not respected in a file with parts after save/open cycle.

• Nov 26, 2016 - 23:45
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S4 - Minor

See subject. Evidence:



Notice at around 1:20 (, as the piece transitions from movement I to movement II, the audio is not sounding whereas the video is already showing the score being played. If you check out the score at bar 24 (1st movement), you'll notice the section break is set to 0:00 seconds pause .Apparently, the video export does not respect that.


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The audio on MuseScore.Com doesn't respect the settings either and plays a 3 seconds gap. The video doesn't play the gap and is right... then the problem.

If I open the score in MuseScore 2.0.3 and play, the section break setting is not respected and there is indeed a 3s break. If I delete the break, add another one and change the pause to 0s. Then I play, the break is played right (meaning no pause). I save and restart, play again, and now there is a pause. I can reproduce from scratch with a file with parts, not with a file without parts.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a score for flute and create parts
  2. Add some notes and a section break
  3. Set the pause of the section break to 0s
  4. Play to verify that there is no pause
  5. Save, Close and reload the score
  6. Play again.

--> there is now a gap of 3s.

Short example: Sans_titre.mscz

In the part the pause property for that section break is not in the file, so it takes the default of 3sec.
If it gets changed there too, to 0, playback in score and part respect that Setting

So we may look at 2 bugs here: a) changing that setting is not linked between score and part (this may be my design?) and b) the score ignores its own setting and takes the part setting instead

If the parts get created after the section break has been modified, it works, score and part have the setting stored and honor it on playback.
Adding a section break to the score doesn't propagate that to the part and vice verse, so it'd be rather strange (and probably even impossible) to propagate changed properties between them.
For system- and page breaks it most certainly is by design and prefectly OK to not propagate them btween score and parts, for section breaks though it might be woth a discussion.

Remains the issue that the score seems to take the part's setting rather than its own.