Time lag when changing between workspaces

• Nov 29, 2016 - 15:48
Reported version
S4 - Minor

eb36276 / Win 7

There is a noticeable time lag when you change from one workspace to another. This wasn't present in MS 2.0.3.

Related issue? #147201: "Edit General style" dialog: slow response when selecting list options.


I do (Windows 10) - on the order of five seconds to switch from basic to Advanced. Going the other way is a bit faster, but still noticeably slow. I'm guessing it is something about needing to lay out all the palette cells that is taking the time.

But lots of things have noticeable delays actually for me - even just opening the file / open dialog can take 5-10 seconds the first time in any given session (it's faster after that). I had thus far been chalking this up to these being "debug" rather than "release" builds, or some sort of Qt quirk that will sort itself out the next time we bump that version. If this isn't something everyone is seeing, I guess maybe I may need to look into it myself. I haven't used any of the Qt profiling tools, or indeed any profiling tools on Windows.

90% of the time is spent in newTempoPalette(), in TempoText::textChanged()
Mainly in the constructor and destructor of QRegexp(). Time to cache these...