Join Scores and crash report

• Dec 23, 2016 - 17:08
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first of all, THANKS for this wonderful software!!

My problem is: I wrote a score in more parts, now trying to join them via Album>Join Scores and as soon as I clic on it the software doesn't respond anymore and I have to force it close.

I tried it with all the 19 files, and also with only the 4 I attache, hope you can help me.
All the files come from the same "model" I used, therefore they all have the same number of staves. Only thing could be different is % of staves (out of the nput of course).

GIT commit: 6347ed6


Fails with a current build from master too, and with an Assertion failure:
Fatal: ASSERT: "score()->nstaves() == int(_mstaves.size())" in file ...\MuseScore\libmscore\measure.cpp, line 479 (:0, )

So somehow the number of staves seems to differ between those score?

A doubt: Memory Issues?
Have you been waiting for the processing of the file (rather 'heavy')?
Try closing 'Navigator' (F12)
Hello Jojo, I had made already my attempt ... But with Windows, he has a Mac

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I get a corruption report on 2c-Valzer e Duetto.mscz:
Measure 246 Staff 11 incomplete. Expected: 24/64; Found: -21600/-456704
Measure 246 Staff 14 incomplete. Expected: 24/64; Found: -21600/-456704

Those 2 measure do indeed look very broken, in master but also in 2.0.3, I just wonder why 2.0.3 doesn't reporte them?
They seem to be using local time sigs, guess that is why?

But I can join them in 2.0.3, Windows 7, it just take time, so seems you stopped it prematurely


I didn't wait long only because system tells me the software is not responding and looks stuck (red in application list)
I will check staves list, but they come all from the same model file...and I never use navigator...

I see there is a staff size, is t may be affected by the percentage of staves? I had some at 90% and some at 100%...and YES in that valzer there are a couple of local time sigs...which gave previous problems ...I'll make another try waiting until Christmas (sorry to bother you under feasts...there is no real rush

OK all scores, doesn't work, I tried with a couple, BUT with the duet (a couple of scores) and it trying step by step...NO I tried without the DUET BUT with 10 scores, there something I0m missing? Don't thing it's the time sig, as I had it fixed.

My guess is could be staff sizes? I'll try to fix them and will report. Ciao

Update: first 3 scores fixed (same staves sizes checked) and the album is created (it joins the score) now proceeding...I tried with few scores (including the duet) with different staves % and it fails, but I corrected the same scores with same staves % and then it works, SO I guess the problem is that you need to have same number of staves with same attributes...I'll fix the others and repert if there are further prbolems, otherwise it's this one.


...well....I will double check this, I changed all scores into same parameters (staves %) but joining all 19 scores, it freezes.... any help?

Merry Christmas...

Not sure what you by "%" here, but for the record, the actual size of the staves is not relevant - only the number of them. The message mentioning "size" is talking about the sizes of the *list* of staves - that is, how many of them.

Finally, I it looks that I got it.
It was just a matter of time...and patience: ita takes time to join and to open a 1.4 Mb 370 pages score...but it works.

So, disregard the problem (may be fix myself) Ciao

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Album feature is going to be hidden in first versions of MuseScore 3 until we finish all scheduled improvements.