Tempo text disappears when hiding empty staves

• Apr 1, 2012 - 16:28
S4 - Minor

When I hide empty staves, and there are empty staves at the beginning, the tempo text disappears. It seems to still be in effect, but it is not shown. Have tried to make sure I create the tempo text so it's connected to a stave which is visible, but that doesn't seem to help.

Kind of wish I didn't have to connect the tempo text to a note like that too, but would at least help if it was visible :)


What version are you using? Can you give step-by-step instructions (please read this )?

I don't think this is reproducible in the trunk?

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5512) - Mac 10.7.3.

Attached an example file. I added the tempo text to the first note in the piano stave. It is invisible until you uncheck 'hide empty staves' and appears where it should be. Hide the empty baritone stave again, and the tempo disappares. Could be user error too of course, but can't quite see why this should happen :)

I'm using the latest stable version, 1.2 (r5470)

Status (old) active fixed

I think it's fixed in the trunk - the tempo text still appears if I tick 'Hide Empty Staves' and untick 'Don't hide empty staves in first system' :).

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (5512) - Mac 10.7.3.

Ah, but that's great! When will this be released though? Any chance these smaller things could come out as fixes to the current stable version perhaps?

Status (old) closed active

This bug still seems to be there, as it has been since v1. Using Svish's sample score above, when I enable "hide empty staves" and uncheck "don't hide on first system", the "Adagio" tempo marking disappears.

Windows 7 32-bit, git 96d2cb0

I just experienced this problem with version 1.3. Tempo text disappears when I hide empty staves. I wanted to keep the empty staves hidden so I solved by creating Staff Text and moving it above the system. If I unhide the empty staves I've got Andante above the piano system and Andante above the soprano stave. The hidden Tempo Text still seems to control the tempo during playback.