disable durations smaller than 128th when use "Q" or Shift + "Q" in 2.1-dev

• Mar 21, 2017 - 14:26
Reported version
S2 - Critical

GIT commit 5aa93a6 / Windows 10

1) "My First Score"
2) Enter a 128 th note
3) Press Shift + Q

Result: corruption
You can observe this by save/close and reload the score at this step: MyFirstScore 128th.mscz
Or, without save, by receiving a crash by selecting the measure and press "R" twice.

- Shift + W works fine (and Shift + Q too... except this issue with the shorter value). Hoping me too see this useful feature merged in the 2.1 :)


Thankyou for testing.

I'm noting that on 2.0.3, pressing "q" on a 64th note or on a 128th chord-rest doesn't do anything. (Maybe MuseScore 2.0.3 is deliberately preventing user from doing that to prevent corruption).

I'm noting that 2.1-dev 216a027 that pressing "q" on a 64th note works, but doesn't do anything on 128th note.

So sounds like what I need to do is simply disable the ability to press shift-q on a 128th note.

Title Corruption by using Shift + Q on a 128th note value disable durations smaller than 128 via "Q" or Shift + "Q"

I don't actually consider it "corruption" because it is still a valid note, but just of smaller duration than the rendering code supports. I remember noticing this when i was testing, but i simply assumed that behavior was already there. Regardless I can disable this.

Well then I guess if I make a 2.1 PR I should disable duration to no smaller than 128th. But for master it stops at some point, I presume 1024th...but I could double check that.

Title disable durations smaller than 128 via "Q" or Shift + "Q" disable durations smaller than 128th when use "Q" or Shift + "Q" in 2.1-dev
Reported version 3.0 2.2

So I just checked in musescore's debugger on latest 3.0-dev 3543170 and I found that pressing Q or shift "Q" starting from 128th note, and I find the resulting notes are correctly represented *internally* even though they render funky.

I'm chaining the title to represent that the disabling smaller than 128th is only needed for 2.1-dev, but not 3.0-dev, since eventually we hope that 3.0 will render them correctly for the cyborg musicians who represent .00001% of userbase.