modal Cancel Popup window when MuseScore starts

• Apr 22, 2017 - 04:56
Reported version
S4 - Minor

I'm on arch linux x86-64 mate. Didn't happen a couple weeks ago, but I did some modifications to my arch linux system and came back to it and experience it now on latest git self compiled. I think I also got it when I first try the latest nightly 2.1 d53f2f1 linux AppImage, although I don't see it now (it might have fixed itself after doing factory reset). Although I can't seem to reproduce now with the AppImage. I should say that the synthesizer menu option in view is disabled, so maybe this is some synthesizer component that is failing to load. Looks like:


in the middle of the screen. My hunch is that it is zerberus. It reminds me of #71001: 'loading' window at startup does not close if using Qt library version == 5.5.0 (which current arch linux release uses).


I would say that first: that window should have some title so user knows what it is about.

Second, if for whatever reason that thing is not able to load, then it would be nice if it could say "unable to load __".

Apparently I did something to mess up my audio system...cause even when I try to run 2.0.3 I get:

init ALSA driver failed
no audio driver found
Cannot start I/O
sequencer init failed

and I also see that synthesizer is disabled...although I don't get the modal popup.

Fixed in branch 2.1, commit 42f0426266

Merge pull request #3151 from ericfont/191371-progressDialogReset2.1

fix #191371 (for 2.1) with same 3.0 commit that fixed "184956: Progress bar appears when starting the program"