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• Dec 30, 2012 - 09:31


I'm rewriting some parts from a piece for concertband. It has 4 parts. In the first part there is a "Da capo al fine" and "fine". that's no problem. But when I try to playback, it stops at the "fine". How can I let it playback after the "fine", so from the beginning of the second part?



As with any situation where something isn't working for you but it sounds as if it should work, it helps if others can look at the actual score that is causing you the problem.

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Could you describe more specifically what is going wrong? I found it repeated the opening section, then repeated letter A, then went on to B, just as expected. It then played through to the end of the movement, took the DC, played the initial section once only, then letter A once, then stopped - also as expected, unless perhaps you meant for the repeats on the opening section and letter to be taken on the repeat? MuseScore doesn't really provide a lot of fine grained control over that sort of thing; if getting an accurate playback is important, it is probably better to export as MIDI and copy/paste as necessary to get things exactly as you like - that would also help get the right amount of time between movements, on fermatas, etc.

Playback for the first part is correct. It sopts at the fine (after performing the da capo. But I wan't to now how I can continue from the second part. I'm gonna try Jojo-Schmitz's suggestion.

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I'm still confused. Isn't it *supposed* to stop at the Fine afte the DC? That's what Fine means. If you you don't want it to stop there, delete the Fine. Or maybe you just mean, you want to know how to start playback somewhere in the last part of the song? Simply click the measure where you want playback to start then hit Play (shortcut: space bar).

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