Explode by voice

• May 1, 2017 - 16:47
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Graphical (UI)
S5 - Suggestion

Currently there is only an option to split a stave at a certain pitch. It would be practical in some situations to split the separate voices of a stave.

You start with a stave containing 1st & 2nd soprano in one stave but in 1st & 2nd voice respectively. Then you go to the contextmenu>"Split stave..." and you could select between "split at pitch" and "split voices". This would put each voice in a separate stave, so you end up with 1st voice in the 1st stave 2nd in the 2nd and so on.


Title Split stave by voice Explode by voice

Explode currently does not split voices in this fashion, but that is on the table for MuseScore 3, along with other enhancements that would allow this to happen automatically when generating parts. The latter would have to wait until MuseScore 3 because it would break compatibility, but actually the explode changes could conceivably be included sooner. So I'll leave this open to remind us to consider that.