Copy and paste multiple Fretboard Diagrams

• May 10, 2017 - 14:57
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In a score entered from scratch is possibel copy and paste a series of Fretboard Diagrams selected with the 'Filter' or a whole range selection.
Not via right click->Select all similar elements or hold down Ctrl+mouse click.



Title Copy and paste multiply Fretboard Diagrams Copy and paste multiple Fretboard Diagrams

Currently, we allow copy / paste for multiple (list) selections on a few element types - chord symbols, lyrics, artticulations. Each one is special-cased to work as expected for that particular element type. We should add fretboard diagrams to this list, with more or less the same semantics as chord symbols - copying to the same relative time positions, creating segments as necessary, deleting any existing fretboard diagrams at the same time positions, etc.

Yes thanks Shoichi.
I did read your comment.

However I saw that it was posted in the "Issues" section and not the
"New Feature Request " section.

That is the reason I made a new post.

Also I wanted to make it clear that I was making two requests.

1. Ability to copy/paste multiple chord diagrams
2. Ability to copy/paste multiple chord diagrams + chord symbols (together).

Ehm, check in the gray window above (and forgive my lack of knowledge of the language)
1- This feature request
2- Already possible, as mentioned in the forums (perhaps unclear)

Please forgive me Shoichi if there was any duplicate request.

The first thing I did was check the Feature Request section.
I did not see your request there.

That is when I thought two things.
Maybe he made his request in an Italian section?
Maybe he made his request in a non-Feature request section?

If we make it possible to copy multiple fret diagrams, then ability to do so along with chord symbols will happen more or less for free - just select both and both will copy. That's inherent in the way the paste function is implemented.

I'm just wondering if I can refine my workaround that I am using right now to copy multiple chord symbols and diagrams.

There is only one voice in my score.

In the Selection Filter I select Chord Symbols and Fretboard Diagrams and am forced to select Voice 1 (which is the problematic part of this copying).

So now, after the selection is pasted I have unwanted notes on top of the notes that were existing
before the paste. And the lyrics I had are also being removed.

Can anyone think of another workaround to get just the chord symbols and diagrams copied?

I take it you already have entered notes into the destination and you don't want to overwrite them? Next time, I'd say, don't do that - just copy and paste the whole region (notes, chord symbols, fretboard diagrams, and all). Then enter the notes you want.

But for now, you can still use this approach in conjunction with the new "swap" command. Copy the source region, then select the destination region, hit Ctrl+Shift+X to swap it with the clipboard - which will replace it with the source region, notes and all, but also copy the original notes to the clipboard. Now do Ctrl+Shift+X again, which will swap the notes back, leaving the chord symbols and fretboard diagrams in place.

Excellent! Do let us know if you run into any issues. There's actually a few improvements all wrapped together here:

- ability to copy & paste multiple fret diagrams, works same as for chord symbols
- ability to add fret diagram to a chord symbol (click chord symbol, double click fret diagram in palette, or drag from palette to chord symbol)
- ability to add chord symbol to a fret diagram (click fret diagram, Ctrl+K)

There's not really any fancy new functionality going on that associates the chord symbol and fretboard diagram in a more intimate way, so they still can't be combined on a palette or anything fun like that. But it's now a little easier to add fret diagrams to a score after adding chord symbols - no more worrying about having a note or rest at the place you want to add the diagram.

Sure I will test it out more a little bit later on.
Right now I will go back to 2.1 because I can't see my custom fretboard diagrams that I created.

I like the ability to link chords to fretboard diagrams and vice versa on the score.
Adding the ability to name fretboard diagrams in the palette area would be a nice feature to have later on.