Note beams and stems disappear

• Apr 6, 2013 - 19:01
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After extracting an orchestra brass or woodwind part, then saving the part, closing it, and reopening the created part, the note beams and stems disappear on any note shorter than a quarter note on page two onward. This is a very serious bug since it makes editing an orchestral part a very labor intense process. The interesting thing - it did not happen with the string parts, only the woodwinds and brass. Attached is a sample of the bassoon part. Is this a known bug and can it be fixed? Thanks!

Attached is the original score per your request. I You may also note the issues with "slurs" - when a score is re-formatted, they move and must be re-affixed to the proper notes.

I am using Version 1.3. I have used earlier versions and never encountered this issue.

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I assume you are using 1.X? Could you post the score, as opposed to a generated part?

This does *not* happen in general woth most scores, so don't worry, editing parts for orchestral scores normally goes very smoothly. Something must be corrupt in your original score and that's why this particular score is causing problems. Seeing the score would help.

For slurs, it's because they are not correctly entered. To extend a slur, you need to use shift + left arrow and not the mouse.It will solve your problem when reopening the score and it will make the parts looks good too...

If you open your score and do not hide the empty staves. Go to measure 164 to 171 on the flute or the basson II you will see empty measures. This is a sign of a corrupted score. I inserted measures before the 164 one and copy paste the music from the other parts. Same measure 86 for flute, basson I and Cello.

Find attached a fixed version of the score.

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Thanks for your assistance "lasconic!"
I thought there may have been some corruption in the original score, but wanted to make sure it was not a software problem. I have done numerous orchestrations using Musescore and had never seen this anomaly.
Thank you also for the tip concerning "shift + left arrow" for the slurs. Do you know if there is a way to connect the notes for more than two notes? For instance, if there 3-8 notes needing the slur notation as in the string and woodwinds, is there a way to connect the last note in the group with the first note of the slur? That would be great!

Click on the first note, shift click on the last note and press S. Or click on the first note, press S, double click the slur and press Shift + left arrow as many time as necessary.