No logical way to encode complex repeat in MuseScore

• Jun 4, 2017 - 08:32
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Consider this simple common use case:
A passage must be played four times, with as ending: end1, end2, end3 and end4, and end1 = end3.
On paper you will have 3 voltas: the first one labelled "1,3" (above the notes of end1=end3), the second one labeled "2" (end2) and the third one labeled "4" (end4).
To enter that in MuseScore you need to do a combination of Voltas properties and Repeat counts for which nobody can find a logical explanation, see attached test file.
end1/3 has repeat counts=2 volta = 1,3
end2 has repeat counts = 3, volta = 1
end4 has repeat counts = 2 (disable), volta = 1
(Thanks to Miré to indicate this combination).

Feature request is: please in 3.0 introduce a way to specify repeats that is:
-doesn't require to play with properties in two different places

Suggestion: something like what a human understands: [1,3] in first volta, [2] in second one and [4] in third one (which by the way means that a default text could be generated from these properties, to be changed only if one want something special in text => all this would be logical and easy to understand).

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