ove files are saved as mscz file with .ove extension

• Jul 17, 2013 - 13:39
S4 - Minor

When editing a .ove file, musescore save the file with the same filename (therefore, same extension) as mscz format, causing musescore not being able to open the file again without a rename since it cannot recognize the right file type. If saving to ove file is not supported, "Save" should be disabled and make it only possible to "Save As".


'Save' and 'Save As...' are meant for saving in native formats (i.e. mscz), so I don't think it would be right to disable it.

I think the extension issue is a bug, though.

No. For all other applications "Save As" is for saving as different file name and "Save" is for saving as the same file name (and overwrite the current file).
If saving as current format is not support (e.g. *.ove) the common thing to do for "Save" is either having the same behavior as "Save As" or being disabled.

Actually, that's not really what I expect at all. I expect than if i "open" a file that cannot be saved, it isn't really an "open" at all, but an "import". This wipild eault in either an untitiled document being created, so Save would prompt for a filename, or else the imported document would be fiven a name that is derived from the original document but with the native extension. This is, I believe, what was being requested at first, and I think it is preferable to disabling Save. It is also how it worked in 1.3. I am not sure, but I thnk this bug where a file is saved in MSCZ format but using the original filename might be new? It happens for MusicXML too. And I don't remember it being that way a week or two ago. Maybe a Qt5-ism? Or maybe it's been that way in the defelopment builds longer and I just noticed.

@Marc Sabatella
I think what I mean by "Save" have the same behavior as "Save As" is the same with what you mean by "Import" (and "Import" may be a better name to describe it :) ).
Either solution (Import or disable Save) is good as long as it does not override the original file with a different format.
Didn't remember trying this post-2.0 so not really sure when it happens...

> Maybe a Qt5-ism?
No, it was happening also in Qt4.8 builds, at least in recent ones (checked with fed5fb2), and it happened and happens for every file import (for example, import of an xml file).

Probably one solution could be to use score->setCreated(true) for the imported score, so that the saveFile routine would go through the path used for new files, i.e. it behaves as "Save as". Not sure if the suggested name for saving in the file browser would display the right extension in this case.