Font scaling is incorrect when not using "size follows space unit"

• Aug 22, 2013 - 12:02
S4 - Minor

Examine the following screenshot;-

You may have to download the full image to see that the reported point size of the selected text is 8.00

This is patently not the case! It is nearer 14!

This was produced by switching off the "size follows space unit" box in the Text Properties dialogue.

MuseScore2 commit-9560130
Windows 8 Pro

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I am on Windows (7) but had never tried turning off scaling. If I am understanding correctly, the bug is that if I do turn it off, I am presumably expecting the font size to be taken literally, but in some cases (?) it is not. I'm not exactly sure how I'd verify that, though. As a test, I added some staff text, then edited the Staff text style (in Style / Text / Staff) to be 8 point with "size follows Space unit" turned off. This seemed to work fine. So I'm thinking what you describe affects only unstyle text, but I can't find any dialog that lets me set the font size for unstyled text. Maybe you mean, if it is set to unstyled and you try to set font size in the font toolbar? It's tough for me to judge font sizes on screen, but I *think* I see that unstyled text appears larger than the font size specified in the toolbar.