Font leading too wide

• Jul 31, 2013 - 12:04
S4 - Minor

1 Add lyrics or staff text
2 hit enter to create second verse or line break
result: leading is much wider than would be expected with the font size.

See attached example

using Nightly ef172ca
Windows 7

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I can reproduce this too (Windows 7), and it has nothing to do with lyrics or turning off the scaling option specifically. My steps to reproduce are quite simple:

1) click anywhere in Promenade example
2) Ctrl+T
3) Type any two lines of text

I get way too much vertical space, just as shown in the examples above. This applies to any multi-line text anywhere, any text style, any font.

I won't have the opportunity to check into this further until next week, but I'm happy to try debugging. Any clues as to where I might set some breakpoints?

I don't see anything either (Win8 64bit, git 2a8e234). I've tried with Promenade, a new score, playing with the Text properties controls, staff text, lyrics...

Finally able to take a look. After the call to lineheight(), lh = 16 for staff text in a newly created score on my system. Yet the vertical spacing is definitely way too much. Will try to investigate further later.

Problem is that this line height is given by Qt and QFontMetricF

This makes me very suspicious that it is a QT bug.

The fact that this appeared immediately after the change to QT 5 makes me even more so.

Nice! I wonder, was this fix a convenient side effect of the change from physical to logical DPI, or was the cause of this discovered and fixed separately? I had investigated a bit and gotten nowhere, but it was on my list to revisit this weekend. It had occurred to me, however, that these could be related - the line spacing could reflecting a different DPI than the text itself.