[GP6] Guitar scores: fretboard diagrams are imported but not the corresponding chord symbols

• Jul 14, 2017 - 17:23
Reported version
S3 - Major

2.1 version / Windows 7
Same result in 2.0.3 (and previous versions) and current master.

1) Load this file created with GP6 (and no matter - same result- if GP options are enabled or not: "List of diagrams at the beginning of the score", and "Diagrams in the score") : 1 Steel Guitar.gpx

Unexpected result: fretboard diagrams are displayed but not the chords symbols.

A curiosity in addition: the fretboards are not displayed in the two first measures in main score. They are in part (but not all with current master)

Expected result: as in the GP5 format: diagrams and corresponding chords symbols are shown: 1 Steel Guitar.gp5


Could someone create a score with 2 instruments and one chordname+ fretboard on each staff in GP6 format? and check if it works with the new fix. Thanks!

Status (old) fixed active

2 instruments? Ie, 2 sorts of guitars, or guitar and piano (or other)?
Anyway, the server for nightly (windows) is down. No new nightly here since 042d5b4

I restarted the server. I was not aware.

2 guitars, even the same kind of guitars is fine but diagram+chord on top of the first and on top of the second one.
Fix for master coming.

"a score with 2 instruments and one chordname+ fretboard on each staff in GP6 format?"

So, the .gpx file test file: 2guitars.gpx

Result, with 2.2 : 4e45d0f

Fretboard + chordname in top staff.
In second staff, chordname. Fretboard diagram plays hide-and-seek...
result chord.jpg

EDIT: I just woke up ... so the two fretboards diagrams are there, but they are superimposed on the top staff ... Too obvious and too common and too seen in other former issues in the past time, probably!