• Aug 16, 2009 - 02:59

Call me old-fashioned, but I kind of like pulling scrollbars to scroll the page, as an alternative to holding and dragging, of course.


I also would like the implementation of scrollbars in MuseScore. I personally appreciate the dragging functionality, when I'm working on single page, or two-pages pieces; but I find it uncomfortable in the larger ones. More the pages, more uncomfortable the hold & drop becomes.
I'd personally like very much having the drag & drop function and scrollbars together in MuseScore, and choose what's useful for me at the occurrence.

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I also would recomment to add harizontal and vertical scroll bars for navigation (e.g. OpenOffice/Word). The navigator uses to much space (especiallly if you have a small screen) and if you use the mouse to move the document (without navigator) you somtimes select other elements accidentally. Scroll bars can also give you an idea where you are during playback.

On a Mac one-dimensional scrolling with mouse wheel or trackpad works (though there's nothing to stop you scrolling off the page into grayness, a problem in itself). Ideally, there would be two-dimensional scrolling for the Mac, but this is probably a QT quirk that's more difficult to fix.

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I presonally dislike the scrolling box. I don't think it really adds anything to the experience and covers up too much of the workspace. I realise you can hide it, and I do. Using page up/down keys for pages and using the mouse wheel within the page works just fine for me, but at larger zooms, I can see where a horizontal scroll bar would be a nice addition.

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I like the navigator box in Sibelius much better than scrollbars. If the navigator box in MuseScore matched the behavior of the one in Sibelius I believe it would be a much better experience. For example, dragging the view point to the edge of the navigator box quickly scrolls.

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One major problem with the navigator box is, that you cannot see the page number, and in fact that is really the only thing I want ! - just a big number and nothing else - that way that box can be made smaller and still serve the purpose.


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Even without a physical mouse wheel, most pointing devices - mice, touchpads, etc - have gestures that are or can be configured to perform that function. Two finger swipe is common for many touchpads. Some define "scroll zones" to the right that may a mouse-wheel operation. Counsult the documentation for your particular device, or find the options for it in your OS. Chances are the mousewheel function is there. Same with Page Up / Down. Most computers have these as dedicated keys, and the few I know of that don't - Macs and Chromebooks - can do this using a combination like Fn+Up or whatever.

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Every once in a while I think scrollbars might be nice, for the same reasons they are useful in other programs. But for the most part, I think they would just take up space unnecessarily given all the other ways MuseScore provides of navigating. And I suspect they would be seen as counterintuitive in that things you might think of as requiring vertical scroll would actually require horizontal. I think if we added a mode - occasionally requested - where the pages of your score scroll vertically rather than horizontally, then a vertical scroll bar would make sense while in that mode.

This is a very, very old thread—newer ones on the same topic include and —but for anyone who comes across this one, it should be noted that in MuseScore 2 the Navigator does have numbers on the thumbnails, and of course it can be resized at will. Personally, I can't really see any way that scrollbars would be easier to use than the Navigator is, and I can see ways that the Navigator is easier to use than scrollbars would be.

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