Slurs from one voice to another don't save properly

• Jan 18, 2014 - 18:45
S4 - Minor

Discovered in the course of fixing Issue #24245: Slur attaches to note in wrong voice after save/load. Slurs neither save nor restore correctly when the slur finishes on a different voice from the one it starts in.

The fix for #24245: Slur attaches to note in wrong voice after save/load now allows slurs within a voice to be restored correctly. The fix for this issue completes the solution.


Looks like the failure was specifically on the slur test, and based on the diffs, it appears these are expected failures - that is, the tests simply need to be updated. Which is to say, 2.0 was producing incorrect results with some slurs before, and the tests had been fudged to expect those incorrect results.

Should just be a matter of doing a visual inspection of the slurs-test.mscx file in 2.0 against the slurs.mscx file in 1.3 to be sure it is now creating the slurs correctly, and assuming so, update the slurs-ref.mscx file to add the missing track2 tags.

As Marc says, the test is built on the previous, incomplete, operation.
I'll correct the test and submit a patch for it soon.