New facility for entering of fingering

• Apr 6, 2014 - 11:27
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It would be nice to have a way of entering fingering other than the drag and drop that MuseScore has currently.

I would propose something along the lines of the current lyrics input mode. A user would enter the input fingering mode, and navigate the score using the arrow keys. The keys 0-5 would enter a fingering symbol at the current note.


Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed

Merged there is five days, here:

Unless I missed something, but I'm perplexed if not disappointed by this addition. At least I do not see any benefit in terms of workflow.
So I added the shortcut "Ctrl + D". In terms of actions to do, you must: select a note -> press the shortcut -> enter fingering (from the first fingering set only, ie more specifically dedicated to the piano) -> then Escape. All this for one fingering, to be renewed for all subsequent. A bit fastidious, in my opinion.
Of course, the "dream" would have been to press this shortcut and to be able to navigate (the master word here) from a note to another as one can do to enter chords or lyrics and so on.

For now, and if you want to focus on the score, and so avoid the constant goings back and forth between the score and the palette I think the duplication (Ctrl + Shift, my favorite) or copy- paste (but you have to do a few clicks - or press shortcuts - for an unique fingering) are better solutions in my experience.

And I think especially that the improvement of this feature (ie Additional Select / More options: #118386: Request for additional "Select / More" options) is, to date, a greater contribution, in terms of comfort and time gained, to input the fingerings.
Imagine a set of four scales of C major.
Before this improvement, to optimize the input via double-click, it was necessary to select eg the C3 notes one after the other, and then double-click on the desired fingering in the palette.
With this improvement, and select -> more -> Same pitch (C3) -> double-click on the fingering → Result: bingo!

So let's say or hope that this addition is the beginning of a really major improvement.

I suggest adding a default shortcut to go along with this, perhaps Alt F. Yes, no, other suggestions?

EDIT: Scratch that, I forgot that on many systems that opens the File menu.

The original post says:
<< and navigate the score using the arrow keys. >>
Which not possible today in fingering mode, so why is this issue closed?