Dynamics in Palette look wrong

• May 16, 2014 - 09:00
Graphical (UI)
S4 - Minor

Dynamics in Palette look wrong, glyphs to close together and some off center (and even after a -F factory reset):
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4f76800, Windows 7 Enterprise, 64-bit

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I'm on Windows 7, and mine has looked like Jojo's for a couple of weeks now I'd say. Everything looks fine once added to the score, but the palette itself is messed up exactly as shown above. I too have done resets, both manual and using "-F".

Nope, I did a -F after my last compile before testing this, and now just did a manual deletion of the MS config data and the palette is still good.

I did my last "-F" right after it was fixed to actually do something resembling a full reset, a few days ago. I was hoping that would fix the palette, but no such luck.

Same problem with Qt5.3RC.

I also tried to convert Bravura to TTF and problem remains. My best guess is that the kerning in Bravura is different, maybe differently stored than the kerning in Gonville and Emmentaler... Could be another good reason to switch to an actual SMuFL text font for texts...

I'm definitely in favor of using BravuraText where it makes sense. Would be great to have that for the F2 palette.

But it's weird that the palette was looking fine until recently. See #25229: Some dynamics have too much internal space (no kerning). I'm pretty sure the palette was looking fine when I posted that issue April 2, or I'd have mentioned it. And I am also thinking it still looked fine after your fix, although I guess I'm less confident about that. I guess maybe it was the update of Bravura to 0.9 on April 18?

Since I never used 5.2.1 and only just tried 5.3 and had the same bad result, I would say yes. It's not a show-stopper for me to use Qt 5.3 again for my future compiles, but it's annoying.

BTW, are sure that Bravura itself isn't at least partially to blame? I do believe the problem showed up with the update to Bravura 0.9; I didn't make any changes to my Qt installation at that time. It sounds like the problem only exists in Qt 5.2.1 and later, but whatever the problem is, it was not triggered by Bravura 0.85 or whatever we were using before. Did they change something about the representation of the font?