Glissandi between notes on same pitch not editable

• May 26, 2014 - 02:47
Graphical (UI)
S1 - Blocker

Noted in version 1.3, but check latest code for version 2.0. Tested only on Windows XP. Reproducible.

Create a measure containing two successive notes on the same pitch. Attach a glissando to the first note, which connects to the second. It will not be possible to select the glissando to edit its properties or delete it until one of the notes is moved to another pitch.

Found when importing music through XML from another product, but reproducible as described.


The glissando is just way to small, almost invisible, but place a line break before and after the measure with the glis and you can edit it. Just test with a recent nightly

I suppose maybe there should be a "minimum glissando length" much as there now is for ties. Right now, a meager 0.5sp is allocated for glissandi. Conveniently, I've just been working on this section of code (Chord::layoutPitched, which is where space between and after chords is allocated). It's dead simple to honor the same style setting for glissandi as for ties - simpler than it was to implement this setting for ties in the first place, actually.

Unless someone gives me a reason not to, I may well just roll this in as well.