crescendo hairpins placed (saved) erratically after last MS update

• Nov 1, 2017 - 11:26
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after update (at least in this score) the dim and cresc hairpins behave erratically.
When exported to pdf, they show on the right place.
when saved (also when saved online) and loaded again, they show on the wrong place.

Apparently it happened after updating Musescore.

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18 No Man Is An Island.mscz 43.98 KB
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I select all similar elements;
Then adjusted by Inspector.
Compare with your PDF.
I see there are overlapping hairpins made invisible. Of some (not selectable) I do not see the anchor point.

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18 No Man Is An Island_Bis.pdf 73.44 KB
Status (old) active duplicate
Status active fixed

Again, duplicate of: #250381: Wandering hairpin in score with mmrest & invisible staves
The attached score contains invisible staves (first instrument and last one) and "create multimeasure rests" is ticked in Style/General
It's the root issue.
1) after a first reset or the hairpins position (Ctrl + R)
2) ticking again visibility for the two instruments in Instruments dialog
3) and then by changing the vertical offset of hairpins to let's say 2.00

The result is as expected after save-reload: horizontal offset is always to its default setting:
No Man Is An Island vertical 2.mscz
(and not matter if hairpins or some of them are invisible or visible)