provide separate volume and pan controller for the voice of a stave

• Sep 24, 2018 - 07:50
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in choir scores often 2 (or more) voices reside in a common stave. It would be great to allow separate volume and pan controls for the voices. Actually it is only possible to disable a voice completely in playback.

The practical benefit of this is following: in order to allow the members of a voice to train their voice, I provide playbacks where their voice is louder than the others. In V2 this forced me to create a separate score where the different voices are in different staves (so I have to maintain 2 scores for the same song). V3 would be perfect to solve the problem if it would provide separate controllers for the voices.


Nope, plugings can't do that. Exctact the mscx from the mscz either by opening in MuseScore and sava as mszx or by using e.g. 7Zip. Open the mscx with some plain text editor, like vi or Notepad++
Locate the term Channel and replace

          <program value="52"/>


        <Channel name="Soprano">
          <program value="52"/>
        <Channel name="Alto">
          <program value="52"/>


        <Channel name="Tenor">
          <program value="52"/>
        <Channel name="Bass">
          <program value="52"/>

Then add staff text to either staff and via right-click/stafftext properties assign voices to these channels

At least for the 'Instruments' "Men" and "Women" and the Closed Score SATB templates this issue is solved meanwhile, by providing channels, as shown above

I just tested this feature with version 3.0: unfortunately the splitted voices don't appear in the Mixer. So scores that are split according to the proposal above, lose this feature when opened in V3.

? You mean Men/Women/Closed Score SATB? These certainly work for me, in Beta
And for 2.x scores that used the above 'tricks' work in 3.0 too (and ever did)

It is not by voice though, but by channel, and it is up to the user to assign voices to channels via a stafftext and the staff text properties

I just tested the score "04-SATB_Close_Score" that I got from you: when opening the mixer in V3, I only see 2 mixer channels, not 4 as in V2.

MuseScore revision is:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3e4ea9b

Where in 2.x do you see voices in the mixer?
The have been earlier 3.0 developer builds that had that, but never 2.x

Do you mean that template from furter up? Opening that with 3.0 shows 2 instruments with 2 channels each, just like it should, and just like it does in 2.x (with a different UI though

And this is what I get in 3.0:
After pressing on these arrows...

The big change in the new mixer is that channels by default are not shown, so don't add clutter

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Reported version 3.0 3.6
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PSA: it's not only the channel switch that jojo did in his file, he also added a Staff text (CTRL+T) and changed the properties to distribute the voices to the channels.

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Indeed, those staff texts are responsible for that channel switch. And they are available in the text palette (of the advanced workspace)