Print and export to PDF is not reliable.

• Oct 23, 2018 - 22:36
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S3 - Major

Score created in version 2.3.2 does not print correctly, when opened and printed from v. 3.0.

Title, text and stafflines are printed correctly, but anything else is way to large.

See attached example.

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Could you attach the score you are showing an image in attachment ?

Here with the last nightly 35323ae, I observe something different (with a score created with 2.3.2, or from scratch with 3.0 dev.)
Ie, export here in pdf format looks good with Emmentaler, Gonville et MuseJazz fonts, but leads to an unexpected with Bravura.

This PDF by far doesn't look as bad as the JPEG from the initial report, it is just all upstem notes having the stems slightly disconnected to their noteheads.
It looks completely OK with 1f56aa5, in the program and when exported to PDF.

Title Print of v. 2.3.2 scores does not work correctly Export pdf in Bravura font doesn't work correctly

The issue you observed ("big" notes) was by using a third-party printer (eg PDF Creator) and by followings steps: File -> Print -> Choose a third-party printer -> Print

Then, from what I see, this issue has been fixed there is a few weeks (end September or first week October)

As said previously, I see another issue with: 35323ae / Windows7


1) New score with a few notes
2) Format -> Style -> Switch "Musical Symbols Font" to Bravura -> Ok
3) File -> Export (Pdf) -> Save

Result: image in previous comment

That was my initial gut feeling too, but the PDF he attached was created by MuseScore 3, the score doesn't have Bravura set as the Musical font (it does use Bravura Text though, for the tempo text)

But yes, with switching to Bravura I get

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Misunderstanding: score created in 2.2.0 yes (Score properties), opened in a not current 3.0 dev. and by using a third-party printer.
And again, I cannot reproduce with a current version. Can you?

Severity S3 - Major S4 - Minor

Hmm, OK, I can't reproduce those huge noteheads with the most recent 1f56aa5, but do see an issue with Repeat barlines, see attached
I took the score attached further up, opened it in that build, change Musical font to Bravura and exported to PDF
But this seems to be an entire different issue, it is visible in MusScore itself too:


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Cadiz1, I don't think the huge noteheads was output from a third-party PDF printer. I could reproduce with ctrl + p and then using a physical printer.

I'm pretty sure too that this wasn't a 3rd party PDF printer but a MuseScore PDF export, However this doesn't reproduce anymore with the most recent 3.0ß development version (it does with earlier ones though)

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Title Export pdf in Bravura font doesn't work correctly Print and export to PDF is not reliable.
Severity S4 - Minor S2 - Critical

cadiz1: You are completely derailing this issue.

My post was not about export of Bravura to PDF, it was about printing directly from MuseScore.
How you can conclude, from a .jpeg picture, that I used a PDF printer I really don't understand.

And I did not use a 3rd party printer - I chose Open score->File->print, and used my standard printer, which is a Canon MP 640, and which has never before caused problems.
The only reason I attached the PDF, was to show that export actually produces a much better result, than direct print - though not perfect.
I have just tested with the current master, build cc84a61, and the problem still persist.

I have raised the priority to "Critical", not that is is critical in the normal sense, that something crashes, but because it touches the very essentials of MuseScore:

"To be able to prepare and print scores"

As a user I dont care if I can have automatic placement, or playback of complex repeats, or performance improvents, or any of the other nice features planned for v. 3.0.
If printing and PDF export for sharing and printing by others doesn't work - MuseScore is unusable.

In my opinion this is really a no-go for v. 3.0.
If we cannot ensure that printing and PDF export works and produces real WYSIWYG
- unconditional - for any supported font - and on any supported platform - then 3.0 cannot be released.

I know that I am being provocative here, but I really feel strongly that some action must be taken on this.

Intuitively I suggest a task force with the sole purpose of evaluating the print and export subsytem, and decide whether it is sound enough to be fixed, or if it is too patched up and requires a complete overhaul.


He did, cc84a61, which indeed is the latest as of writing this
OK, so the issue is about direct printing, not about export to PDF, printing to a 3rd party PFD printer nor about Bravura.

Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

As there is a viable workaround: export to PDF and print that, and as this is not about a crash (but indeed is a core functionality), reducing Priority to major.
I can't reproduce it though, it prints just fine on my HP OfficeJet Pro 8620

Severity S2 - Critical S3 - Major
Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

posts crossed?
Would this here be a duplicate then?

Severity S3 - Major S2 - Critical
Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active

The issue seems to be related to #137766: Saving PDFs often shows heads and stems separated
I can reproduce the issue with printing the same way as with direct PDF export, i.e. after triggering a review of some score PDF files (e.g. this one).
I have also observed a situation with PDF export spoiled in another way (with all notes and clefs being extremely small) while printing was working correctly; not sure how to reproduce that though.

Concerning the priority I agree that this should certainly be fixed, as this is a kind of functionality that should work stable — at least with standard set of fonts. I'll try to look at this issue soon.

Status (old) active patch (code needs review)
Status active  

I fixed the issue that I can reproduce. If that is the same issue then problems with reproducing are understandable: one needs to either have some unlucky PDF file among the last opened files or somehow trigger PDF preview in other way or... it seems I figured out another way to reproduce this.
1. Open any score
2. Export it to PDF
3. Print it (the score, not PDF file).
The result should be not very good.
Revert items 2 and 3 and you get bad PDF export instead.

Anyway, see this pull request:

Back from the outside, and having not been able to look again and deepen after the last message, I see that the conversation, after that, was hectic ... :)
And thanks to Dimitrio95 for finding the right steps.

dmitrio95 - seems you have identified at least some of the problem.

I opened MS with -F, and so removed all reecent files,
Opened the example given earlier and printed.
It now prints correctly.

Doi you believe that this also solves the problem with Bravure font, and the detached stems, or is that still another issue?

Status (old) patch (code needs review) fixed
Status fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 27ac99551d

fix #137766, fix #272598, fix #277404: correct font size setting when rendering a score in pdf printing mode

neGjodsbol, yes, I believe these issues are probably the same. Still this might be better to check — I believe the next nightly will have the patch for this issue included.

Tested this and found no errors in print quality,

Only thing to note is that PDF prints come out slightly smaller than direct print (factor 0.966),
Same result for both Emmentaller and Bravura fonts.

Wouldn't that depend on the settings you print the PDF with? Like "Scale to fit", which for me says to scale to 97%, pretty much the same thins as your 96.6%, if rounded