Beta Update Save Online Hangs When Uploading Custom Audio

• Dec 4, 2018 - 02:46
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I always use my own - non GM - sf2, so I tested the Save Online function, with upload audio checked. It extracted fine. Uploading would hang at 7% and then disappear with no explanation. Score I upload is on the website fine, but the custom audio is not - my clarinet is now playing an accordian, lol.

Not sure exactly how to give you this one. My sf2 is about a GB. You'd need that and the score to test it, I'd think?


This might be a current restriction on the (preliminary) 3.0 processing on
Does the same score and save online + sound work in MuseScore 2.x?

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Works for me on MacOS with some custom SoundFont. Could you please share the score and the SoundFont (you can use google drive link).

UPD: I'm wrong, sorry (impatience). The progress bar went to 100% and then did hang. I'll investigate.

@Jojo are you able to reproduce on Windows? (I used FluidR3Mono to test the case)

I'm on windows, and I can't upload custom audio as of the current beta. Previous beta it would hang at 7%, now it hangs at 3%.

Edit: Gave me an error! Error 5?

8e453c3, hangs at 15%, then goes back down to 2%, then to 15 again. Win 10, x86-64. US, though I can't think of why that would matter here.

There are two progress bars. 'Extracting' zips through wonderfully. 'Uploading' is the issue. So it can get the mp3 fine - I have also exported mp3s, that works great - but it's running into a problem uploading the audio to the site.

When it crashes, it does so without any messages - including the usual 'upload successful, go to my score link'. But I can see my score on - the audio is just hilariously wrong. Non GM compliant sf2s make this failure pretty obvious.
Kinda neat, actually.

Status needs info fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit 20b6e837d3

fix #279328: uploading custom audio failed

Reapplied a843cb4dd22579c29b532d3d9da0235bb4e0dee4

Changed setWindowModality() for upload progress dialog to Qt::NonModal. This fixes glitch which blocks both async processes put() request and uploadProgress() call.

I could not reproduce the case on simple project, so the problem is in MuseScore event processing itself.

See Qt reference: "Warning: If the progress dialog is modal (see QProgressDialog::QProgressDialog()), setValue() calls QApplication::processEvents(), so take care that this does not cause undesirable re-entrancy in your code. For example, don't use a QProgressDialog inside a paintEvent()!"

Disable "Upload Score" menu item when uploading custom audio

Reapplied c7e41306433efd912d5dbacba91903fe5417eb43

To prevent uploading different scores at the same time with slow internet connection speed.