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• Dec 25, 2018 - 07:48
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I'm trying to transcribe lots of good scores into braille, taking some Open Score editions. When I export Musicxml files, no matter what version of Musescore I'm using, the very front texts can't be exported. For example, the intro texts of The Planets, and Allegro moderato of this Faure Pavan ( I think they are just words or credit words. Why can't they be exported? I have to look into the exported text of the pdf file to bring these texts back. Can this issue be solved? Thank you in advance!



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The MusicXML exporter does not find the Allegro moderato. I suspect because the tempo text is at 1/8 but there is no note in the first staff at that position. Simplified example attached that illustrates the issue.

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Also, the stafftext elements are not exported in most circumstances. I have to look into the uncompressed Musescore file. For example, the text "Unmerklich gehaltener" in this score:
Also, all breath marks are not exported. But all hidden metronome marks are exported and visible, which produce lots of unwanted playback tempi in braille.


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I'm sorry the invisible tempo marks are causing you problems. As I told you in my e-mail, I want to help blind musicians as much as possible. The invisible tempo marks are to allow for proper playback for all users. I'm not sure what is the best route to take. I want playback to be proper, but I don't want it to cause you too much difficulty is exporting the score to braille. If there is something I can do to help make it easier, then let me know. Perhaps I could change all of the tempo text to the same text to make it easier for you to remove from your xml version. You may reply either here or directly by e-mail.

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Dear Leon,
As I look into the Musescore file, the Allegro moderato is located at the end of the measure. I tried other examples, and:
1. Such kind of location will cause the export of such texts fail;
2. When I convert some scores into Musescore 3, the top texts marked as systemText will all not be able to export;
and 3. All such texts with correct musical locations will have these locations lost in Musicxml. In general, all texts, hairpins and lines which are not attached to a note at the same location will have the tag in Musicxml, but Musescore seldom uses this to correctly place them. This may cause the exported musicxml has many mislocated objects!
So, I hope the future xml export will export all texts, regardless where they are, and give appropriate time offset to them. Also, hidden objects should not been exported, in case we have to ask the engraver to remove those for playback. Or we can include an option to include or exclude such things, if we don't want to retain the playback effect, but only need correct notation or braille output.


Hi Haipeng, your remarks are correct and I consider MuseScore's current behaviour incorrect. These are bugs to be fixed. Unfortunately I cannot commit to a date, as I am only an unpaid volunteer with a real life job besides fixing MuseScore and time is limited.
Regards, Leon.

Is there any hope to fix it now? In Musescore 3, the missing text types are SystemText and those marked as title or subtitle after the very first title texts. Now I have to replace all SystemText as StaffText to let them appear in Musicxml.

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Indeed, the current MusicXML export attaches directions to notes in the same staff only. If there are no notes at the direction's location (in time) and staff, the direction is not exported. It is, however, perfectly feasible to also export these directions when positioning them using backup and forward elements. Proposed output for my previous example attached.

Haipeng, before I actually implement this (example was created by editing the MusicXML) could you verify it works correctly for you ?

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Dear Leon,
Thank you very much for the editing. This is correct, and you can implement it. Also, after many transcription tasks, I have summed up the following texts which can't be exported:
1. System texts, both in v2 and 3, although the syntax is different, e.g., SystemText in V3.
2. Some texts working as titling information, such as the ones using tbox or vbox after the first measure, for the titles of other pieces in one score.
3. The endtext of a textline in Musescore v3.


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Will be creating a pull request shortly, that fixes:
- export of all system texts (due to a trivial bug these were never exported)
- export of all annotations that cannot be attached to a note (as in the allegro_moderato example)

For the Faure Pavan this results in export of the text "Allegretto moderato".

For the "Wieland Der Schmied" score, this results in 17 additional texts or directions being exported, including the text "Unmerklich gehaltener".

Could you submit separate issues for
- tbox or vbox after the first measure
- endtext of a textline
This simplifies the administration a lot, as it prevents partially solved issues.

Note that as of 3.1 (at least as far as I understand it), MusicXML does not yet support the tbox or vbox concept. The score's first vbox is exported as credit words, This could conceivably also be used for subsequent boxes, but credit words have a fixed location on a page and do not flow which the systems. Thus it would work only for a vbox at the top of a page immediately after a page break.

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