Score name appearing in instrument parts

• Feb 5, 2019 - 23:35
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Whenever I attempt to create parts for a score, the part name is pushed down and the word "score" appears on every part. The only fix I can find is to make the word score invisible and move the part name up manually for every single part, and this is very time consuming. Part name bug.png

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I don't understand. You're telling me to remove the part name on the score, which is named "Score". How does this fix the problem? True, deleting the part name on the score removes it from the parts as well. The issue is when creating parts, the score's part name should not carry over to the parts. The score should be able to have a part name independent from the parts.

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I understand, an element added as a "part name" in the score should not be linked to parts (and vice versa). A reasonable suggestion.

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From a technical standpoint, you’re right. A score is not a part. But, using the element “part name” for a score is great for specifying if you are reading a performance score, studio score, rehearsal score, reduced score, etc.

It’s definitely not “abusing” the element when there is a purpose. How is this any different than using other kinds of workarounds for other issues using elements in ways they aren’t intended. Just recently, I posted a feature request to add open ties as an element. Then, Marc mentioned a workaround he uses to achieve this potential feature, using special symbols via text rather than using anything in the master palette. This program is notorious for using workarounds, using things that aren’t used for their intended purpose.

Sorry, this is a little bit of a rant. I apologize for being rude, but when you closed the issue earlier marking it “by design”, it had me a little (a lot) disappointed that this was barely being given a second thought and without much clarity on what you meant. If the element isn’t supposed to be used in scores, then the element shouldn’t even be an option to be used. The fact that it can be added to a score, or anything that parts can be made from, means that inevitably someone will use the element and discover that it is being carried over to their parts during parts creation. This is exactly what I believe shouldn’t happen for this specific element.

Well, that text is called partname and acts as such, so using it for something different is abuse.
At least it may very well not work the way you think it should.
And not everything that is allowed (i.e. not prevented by the program) really does make sense.
It may just give you the freedome to shoot yourself into the foot.

So that's why it isn't a bug as you initially opened it (if it were, it were by design), but a Suggestion AKA feature request

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It IS a bug, as this issue was not present in previous versions of Musescore. I never had an issue with it in Musescore 2, only since the release of 3 has it been happening. It is very common for people to put "Score" on the actual score, and this text should not be carried over into parts. The score, in technicality, is just one large part, after all.

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In just tried with MuseScore 2, and the situation is somewhat different but still not what I think would be wanted. if you add the "part name" to the score before generating parts, it does appear on all parts, in both 2.3.2 and 3.0.5. However, in 2.3.2, if you add the "part name" to the score after generating parts, it is not linked. I doubt this particular inconsistency was intentional, and unless someone can come up with a strong reason to prefer that exact behavior, I'd prefer not to reproduce it.

To me, it's quite clear that since part names are not linked when you first create parts, they should equally well not be linked if you add them later. Another aspect of this: if you add a part name to a part after generating it (say, you've accidentally deleted the original, and now you're adding it back - which is indeed the scenario that caused to add this explicit command in the first place), in MuseScore 3, it appears on all parts.

To me it's quite clear this isn't working as designed or originally implemented or as anyone would want, so whatever we want to call it, I'll submit a fix for it.

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