3.0 is a mess

• Feb 27, 2019 - 13:29
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MuseScore 3.0 is messing up the page layout and where down bow markings are when importing a 2.0 score. This makes the program useless to me. As I do not have time to fix every score when you have an update. I will stop using this very slow any very annoying program. I already own Sibelius and I was using MuseScore so students would not have to go to the expense of Sibelius. That is now off the table. My students will now have to use Sibelius.


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Just continue using MuseScore 2.3.2 for for 2.x scores, and MuseScore 3 for new scores

Other than that your complaint is way to unspecific to be helpful as a bug report.

I cannot continue to use 2.0 as windows, when it updated to 3.0 removed/disabled 2.0. Nor can I download 2.0 for MuseScore. This is an issue with pagination which I would have to move every marking back to it's original place in a 70 page document. Really horrible update process.

Unless you deleted version 2, it's still there, just the shortcut was replaced. Look in C:\Program Files (x86)\MuseScore 2\bin for the program file. You can right click it, choose create a shortcut, then drag the shortcut where you want it. Double clicking a version 2 file will open it in version 3 with a warning, but you can close it and use version 2 to open it when needed.

Make sure you keep your version 2 & 3 scores separate. Also see https://musescore.org/en/node/283922

Your studewnts presumably don't have a bunch of existing MuseScore 2 scores with lots of manual adjustments to bow markings that they need to worry about preserving, so they shuld be fine with MuseScore 3. The enormous improvements to the default layout in MuseScore 3 do mean that some MuseScore 2 scores - especially those that used manual adjustments to work around deficiencies in MuseScore 2's default layout - will indeed look different and require some readjustment. Normally simply choosing the "reset" otpion when offered will do a good job, but if not, then you can as mentioned just keep using MuseScore for those scores. If you have some specific score where you are having particular problems, I encourage you to ask for help in the Support forum and attach the specific score, and we should be able to show you how to get things in order. I think you will find one you get used to it that MuseScore 3 will save you hours of time you'd otherwise have spent performing manual adjustments that simply are not needed any more.