Percussion barlines disjointed when spanning multiple staves with one staff line.

• Apr 12, 2019 - 16:28
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Drum lines.mscz
drum balines.PNG

The picture is from the attached file. When barlines on a staff with a single barline are extended, they look disjointed. Making the staff have 2 lines is sufficient to make the extended barlines look like a single line.

In the attached file, change any of the staves to 2 or more lines, and you will see the improved lines for that staff.

I'm not calling it a regression because I noticed this back in earlier 3.x versions.


Priority P2 - Medium

Hmm, I can see what you describe in the image you attached, but they look fine for me when I open the score. If I turn of "Draw antialiased" in Edit > Preferences > Canvas, though, I can see something like that, at some magnification. Goes away on others. Since that's pretty much what antialiasing is for, there may or may not be much we can really do, but it's certainly worth further investigation.

Meanwhile, though, can you check that setting? Also, do you see it at all magnifications? How about in exported PDF's?

Antialiasing is checked. It looks the same when I export to PDF. Using Windows 10. And forgot to mention this is 3.1-beta for anyone who doesn't know.

Interesting! Can you attach your exported PDF? For me, even if I see a glitch on-screen at small magnifications, it goes away at larger ones, and I can't see anything in my PDF, but that could also depend on the antialiasing in the PDF viewer one uses.

The fact that it only happens for single-line staves does suggest there is more going on than anti-aliasing, of course - otherwise it would happen always. But if I can get better view of where the problem is (like, exactly how far above / below the staff the glitch occurs) it might give me a better idea where in the source to look for the problem.

Just to be sure - this isn't quite the same example as shown above, right? I mean, your original example had barlines through all five the staves, this one has them grouped 2+2+1. Or is that part of the bug? I was thinking it was just the very subtle jaggedness I can see in the image posted.

Anyhow, your PDF looks fine to me, I magnified up to 1600% in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and don't see anything looking jagged, making me think there is something going with display drivers too. Still, since you see something different depending on number of staff lines, bviously there is something to it. Maybe someone with better eyes than can tell.

Sorry, I was playing with the score to see how it worked with the various line counts and used my altered version to create the PDF. I would expect this to help make the problem more obvious. I would be curious if I see the problem on my computer looking at the PDF you made.

Regression No Yes

I checked regression since this was obviously not the case in version 2.

Yours looks exactly the same as mine. Changing the zoom does nothing to improve the offset lines. Your video driver theory has merit.

I just did a test. I unchecked antialiasing in preferences and the lines look great. It no longer looks like several lines connected by me 😉

Edit: I just opened another score with antialiasing turned off, and it's terrible, I can't live with that.