Bug: Stems too long when line distance increased on staffs with less than five lines.

• May 10, 2019 - 04:45
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A couple of years ago (https://musescore.org/en/node/208931), I reported an issue of stem lengths being too long when the line distance is increased on staffs with fewer than five lines in Musescore 2. The same issue exists in Musescore 3.

The middle staff shows what happens when the line distance is increased from 1sp to 2.25sp. Musescore assumes that every staff has the standard five lines and so it over compensates the note length when staffs have less. In this case, the stem lengths are twice the size of the stems on staffs with unaltered line distance (e.g., first and last staffs).


In the original post, I suggest a couple possible solutions: add an option in staff properties to maintain the orginal note stem length when adjusting line spacing (i.e., unlock the two); and/or have Musescore calculate the increase in note-stem length based on how many actual lines are in the selected staff. "


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What's the point of changing line distance for a staff of only one line? And why should the length of a stem be calculated differently depending on the number of lines? Not sure I agree with that. But I do agree a three-line staff with double-spaced lines shouldn't get double-length stems. I thought I fixed that some time ago. In fact, I know I did: https://github.com/musescore/MuseScore/pull/2159#issuecomment-136840578. But I guess it broke again since then.

The simplist workaround for single line staff is to move the notes above and below the line an additional line over in the Drumset settings and then uncheck "Show ledger lines" in Staff Properties advance style settings. This won't work so well for staff with more than one line. For that, there is a clever workaround in the original post that Ziya Mete Demircan suggested.

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I don't see how adjusting the distance above staff would change distance between the staff line and notes. That setting changes the spacing between the staff and the one above it, not the spacing of notes, doesn't it? It's not the staff spacing in the pic but the note-to-staffline spacing I want to replicate.

You're welcome! Obviously, not all bugs get looked at so quickly, but when it's something I had worked on (and knew I had fixed), I get especially interested :-)

The issue is fixed in the master branch of the code repository, so will be in the next version, but for sure musescore.com is still using the latest official version 3.0.5, and therefor of course still has the issue.

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