Enter should emplace ornament/element from Master Palette

• Aug 14, 2019 - 21:44
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As with the regular palette in workspace (when an ornament/element is selected, pressing enter from keyboard will emplace that element at current location equivalent to double clicking it), the user should be able to do the same behavior while in the master palette. The fact is that selecting the category in the master palette allows the user to press 'tab' and then cycle through elements/ornaments using arrow keys, and with this the user should also be allowed to press 'enter' and have that ornament/element be utilized exactly as with the palette in a workspace, but as it currently is, double-clicking and dragging seem to be the only methods of entry from the M.P.

Consider making this uniform in function: it makes sense. As a matter of fact, this is on the brink of being considered a bug rather than a suggestion, as it could be argued that this is expected behavior. Entering into the Master Palette quickly and being able to -- with the keyboard -- enter a desired ornament would very much facilitate certain actions during note input, etc.


be allowed to press 'enter' and have that ornament/element be utilized exactly as with the palette in a workspace

?? Pressing enter with something selected inserts a system break. I tried to select a note, click an item in my custom palette, press enter and got a system break without regard to if I was in note input mode or not. While in the advances workspace, pressing enter after selecting a note, clicking an item in the palette and pressing enter gave me no results. Am I missing something?

Apologies. I failed to make mention of using the 'Palette Search' text-box prior to using the palette and pressing enter. It is in doing so that 'enter' works as described rather than performing the enter shortcut: a system break. Still, being able to press enter in the Master Palette seems appropriate unless some otherwise reasonable objection could be made.

From the advanced palette, I selected a note, used the search box for staccato (to limit the list to a single item), pressed enter on both the alpha keyboard and numeric keyboard and got nothing.

I'm trying to discover what you are doing. I agree it should be possible from all palettes to add an item.

After further searching, I see there is a shortcut that can be defined for "Apply current palette item" It seems you have this defined and I don't. I'm not sure if this was some how not updated in my version because I have custom shortcuts or if you defined it.

There's another issue here that's slightly important:
While doing palette searching, if the mouse is hovering in the area, the selection will go to that spot wherein the mouse pointer is, but the problem is that the arrow keys no longer navigate when the mouse hovers over a cell:


Status active PR created

The original issue here is about the master palette, and the following PR implements Enter for that:


As far as I know, none of the rest of what is being discussed here regarding the main palettes is still relevant given the new implementation - Enter definitely works there, search is totally redesigned, etc. But for the record: my recollection is that in the original palette implementation, Enter only worked when navigating search results using the cursor keys, there was no other keyboard-based method of working the palettes.

Anyhow, any issues with the main palettes belong in a separate issue, let's keep this focused on the issue of using Enter on the master palette.

Status PR created fixed

Fixed in branch master, commit c099af01b1

_fix #293363: apply master palette elements with Enter

Resolves: https://musescore.org/en/node/293363

Enter works to apply the current palette element for the main palette,
but not for the master palette.
It turns out this is mostly just because there is no handler for Enter.
Also, we aren't managing curretnIdx, just selectedIdx.
Those two simple changes make this work._

Fix version