Figured bass encoded in mscz cannot export to musicXML correctly

• Nov 14, 2019 - 22:09
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I have some Bach chorales in musicXML format. I encoded FB and saved it in mscz format (see attachment 1). However, when I export back to musicXML format, some figures are wrong (see attachment 2), especially when there are 2 figures over a stationary bass (e.g., mm. 2 first beat, 6-5 over D# in attachment 1), the second figure will be pushed to the next bass note (see attachment 2 mm. 2), which are errors due to the imperfect conversion. As a result, since I need to use musicXML files for my figured bass project, I have to encode all the FB again and save it to musicXML directly. It is a lot of pain...

Is there any possibility that this issue can be resolved sometime? Please let me know, thanks!

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Even if I don't quite see why this might fix it, it is the only commit that at least seems remotly related

Reported version 3.3 3.2

And indeed the musicxml was done on 3.2.3 too.
So the issue is (most probably) fixed in 3.3 already (I don't remember any relevant fixes in 3.3.1 or 3.3.2), so this here still got to be a duplicate, we just don't know from which

Using current github master (which will become 3.3.3 soon; so let's call it — incorrectly — 3.3.3), I get an error while trying to load the MusicXML version provided by the OP:
«Fatal error: line 1720 column 18 Content of element duration does not match its type definition: Double content does not match the minExclusive facet..».

Line 1720 is in the following MXML block:

    <duration>0</duration>  - line 1720

(how TH are HTML entities entered in MD?) which points directly to the #293998: Figured Bass Continuation Lines Disappearing issue which has been fixed in master.

Also, by exporting into MusicXML ex novo with (current) 3.3.3 and loading the exported file, there is no error message and the score seems to all effects correct, as far as I can tell. Which matches Leon result above.

So, it seems that the issue has been fixed in master and will be correct in the next release.

I just have an example, which exports the continuation lines incorrectly, perhaps there are multiple lines. This appears at bars 48 and 66, where the extent tags are only stop and continue, no start.

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