Downloads: make a Linux AppImage of MS3 available for 32-bit PCs

• Nov 15, 2019 - 10:58
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The last 32-bit version of MS for Linux was released in July 2018 (2.3.2). Could one be made available for the latest working version of MS3—and beyond? (Edited 17.25 GMT)


Title Downloads: make a 32-bit Linux distribution available for MS3 Downloads: make a Linux AppImage of MS3 available for 32-bit PCs

"The only Linux version that gets build and offered here is the AppImage, are you talking about that?"

That's the one.

Apologies Marc. I did not read properly. You say
“ created specifically for ARM-based Chromebooks but as far as I know it works on other 32-bit machines.”
I had a look at your instructions and these two links seem to link to two different files on GDrive. Are they two different files/installers or are they the same but work on both architectures?

Since MuseScore won’t officially release 3.x versions for ARM 64-bit and Intel 32-bit. My suggestion is

a) keep this issue as a “won’t fix” and
b) use #297077: "Old computers (32-bit)" and "ARM-architectures" on downloads page: link to unofficial versions page or remove links to suggest editing the links to point to the unofficial vesions

There are two different AppImage builds, one for 64-bit ARM, the other for 32. The 64-but build is definitely known to work; lots of people using it successfully. The 32-build is to me more of a “works in theory” build but I have no way of verifying it on an actual 32-machine machine. I think there have been reports of success, but I can’t swear to it.

In any case, those are both ARM. I have no idea about the status of any 32-but Intel builds.