Tremolo notes don't appear when "tremolo" is entered in filter field

• Feb 11, 2020 - 06:16
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Ergonomical (UX)
S5 - Suggestion

If you type "tremolo" in the search filter field, you see various tremolo-related items, but none of the tremolo notes. This leads to the strong impression that the tremolo notes (i.e. notes with slashes through the stems) are not present in MuseScore, when of course they are.

I'd suggest adding "tremolo" to the filter-trigger tags of the tremolo notes (if such an infrastructure exists).

I'd also suggest that if a category of items (e.g. "Tremolo") matches the filter, that all those items be shown.

(E.g. if you enter "articulation", none of the articulations show up, despite there being a whole submenu of articulations.)


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And what's wrong with adding tremolo slashs (which exist in the palettes) to notes to make them "tremolo notes"? I'm not even sure that the "tremolo note" you referred to is a single thing, it's just a combination of a note and tremolo slashes.

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Or are you talking about the selection filter? There Tremolo too works just fine, when used in addition to (at least) voice 1,

Sorry for lack of clarity: attached is an image of what I mean. The tremolo-via-slashes-on-stem items are not shown, nor is the "tremolo" palette.


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Type Ergonomical (UX) Graphical (UI)

The entire tremolo palette shows for me. Have you perchance hidden the palette? Click "Add palettes" and see whether the tremolo palette is in there, and if it is, add it back.

Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion
Type Graphical (UI) Ergonomical (UX)

Looks very different for me, but depends on workspace used


The basic workspace doesn't contain any elements related to tremolo...

And yes, that's exactly what I'm seeing on my computer.

Severity S3 - Major S5 - Suggestion
Type Graphical (UI) Ergonomical (UX)

The tremolo palette is present and not hidden (only "accordion" and "bagpipe embellishments" are hidden.) With no filter entered, the tremolo palette is present. I'm in "Advanced edited" mode, if that matters. And I'm on Kubuntu linux, for the record.

I have one customized palette with my commonly-used items, but I haven't altered the tremolo palette.

Version is 3.3.4. Let me know if there's any other info I can provide.

It shows in Advanced palette, MuseScore 3.4.2, Windows 7
"Advanced edited" indeed is a custom palette, but if that contains tremolos, those should show