Move and merge pitch range of notes from bass stave to treble stave and vice versa

• Apr 3, 2020 - 11:59

First to say, not a native English speaking so apologize.

Please have a look on my attachment of the issue. I'd have my composition that was imported from a midi file played by me. Importing process went smoothly until I noticed that notes are put on the stave, to say, madly. Too high notes are put on the bass stave.

I have gone through MuseScore instructions and forum as much as I could, until I was forced to create my account and this topic. I found almost similar conversations from an earlier time, but unfortunately I either didn’t understand or they just didn’t help with this.

So I'd need to move the too high pitch notes from the bass to treble stave, without deleting those already there. On few occasions, MuseScore automagically replaced the treble cleff with bass clef, when the melody is a way lower. On some other occasions too, the note pitch placement are pleasing. But, to say, most of the piece is really bad concerning the too high notes on the bass stave. According to my knowledge of playable sheet music, notes played by left hand must be on the bass stave, and notes played by right hand must be on the treble stave, speaking of piano notes, or organ notes.

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Anyone to help with this issue? So I did get the Split staff functionality but in where (what menu) can we define the split point? I can only find the checkbox to use or not to use the Split staff functionality with Midi Import. And this really makes a mess, coming with total of three staves, one of them named as Solo. Maybe this is because I made some edits to already imported sheet, exported it to midi, and then imported it again to wrestle with to split staff checkbox. With the original midi, it did come up with the primary version (two staves but, as said, too high notes on bass stave). Of course, now, I'd want to use this edited piece. Well, if this is not possible, those edits are not so big to not be able to just edit them again on the otherwise nice sheet.

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Split staff during MIDI-import is aimed at piano music and tries to be really smart about following melodies and which hand should/could play which notes; thus it doesn't have a fixed split point by pitch.

However if you right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac) a staff in the score after the import is done, you can choose a split staff… option in the context menu. That one does allow you to set the split pitch, which is the lowest note that will remain on that staff. All notes below it are moved onto an automatically created new bass staff within the same instrument.

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Unfortunately, this is unfortunate. Maybe it is just to print the bad note, and write it manually all over again. Like you said, a new stave is created when using split staff. Not needed to happen, we should be able to merge those high notes on bass stave to the treble stave notes already there. To my comprehend, this is not possible. At the time. I hope someday it will. (This is open source project. I can not code so that way I am out of the business. Of course, I can encourage the all-evolving MuseScore.)

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